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Vomero, one of Naples' Hills, tips and many photos

Vomero, lots of photos and useful travel tips for visiting the St. Elmo Castle, the Charterhouse of st. Martin, the Villa Floridiana and more.

Vomero (Naples) and the Villa Floridiana


Floridiana villa and its terrace overlooking Naples

In Vomero (one of the hills of Naples) one finds one of the great green lungs of the city, the park of Villa Floridiana, the summer residence of Lucia Migliaccio, Duchess of Floridia and wife of King Ferdinand of Bourbon of the two Sicilies.
Please scroll the page to see more photos and how to reach this magnificent place with a huge terrace overlooking the gulf of Naples.

Vomero and the Charterhouse of St. Martin

vomero charterhouse

The Charterhouse of St Martin in Vomero

On the Vomero hill of Naples it is possible to visit the Charterhouse of St. Martin, one of the monumental and religious complexes of the city. It was wanted by the Duke of Calabria Carlo d 'Anjou, who decided to have a Carthusian monastery built on the hill of St. Erasmus, whose order was founded by Bruno I of Cologne, today remembered as St. Bruno and also founder of the first monastery, the Grande Chartreuse in France.
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Vomero, the ceramics museum "Duke of Martina"

vomero museum

Ceramics exhibited in the Duca of Martina museum

On the Vomero hill, in the Floridiana villa, since 1927 one find the national museum of the Duke of Martina where there is the permanent exhibition of ceramic decoration. The exhibition includes the entire collection of the duke Placido Sangro, collected in the second half of the 19th century, then donated to the city of Naples in 1911. Scroll the page to see other photos.

Vomero (Naples) and saint Elmo Castle

vomero naples

The st. Elmo Castle

On the Vomero, one of the Neapolitan hills, one find the saint Elmo castle, a medieval fortress built in the Norman era, perhaps in the second half of the 1200s.
The exact date of its construction is not known, but first historical signs confirm that in that period there was a Norman tower called Belforte, built on an old church of the 10th century. Would you like to know more? Visit the page of the
Castel sant' Elmo

Charterhouse of St. Martin (on the Vomero hill)

Charterhouse of St. Martin

The Charterhouse of St Martin is a former monastery of the Carthusian order, had it built, on the Vomero hill (at the time St. Erasmo hill), in 1325 by Charles son of King Robert of Anjou. Although the Carthusians took possession of the convent before 1337, the inauguration took place only in 1368.
The Carthusian order was born in France in 1084 by Saint Bruno and the first monastery was the Great Carthusian Monastery located in the Isère (French department).

Info and contacts: beniculturali

    To reach the Castle and the Charterhouse of St Martin:

    By car
    open Google Maps to reach Naples Parking s.a.s., located at 300 meters from the st. Elmo castle and the Charterhouse of St Martin:

    By public transport:
    Metro line 1
    Take the metro line 1 and get off at Piazza Vanvitelli station. Then walking through via Scarlatti until you reach the first flight of stairs.
    Now you have two options, continue to walking trough the stairs or take the Bus 

    1. Bus
      On the left there is a bus stop and take the bus V1. Then get off at the terminus: Piazzale San Martino where one find the castle and the Charterhouse.
    2. Walking trough the stairs (15 minutes walk)
      Take the stairs and continue to walk straight untill you arrive to the escalator, then take it. On the top, front of you there is funicular station, on the left of the station you'll find a little avenue, take it and walking trought it untill the end. Then turn right until you reach piazzale San Martino, where are located the st Elmo castle and the Charterhouse of St Martin.

    By funicular
    Take the funicular in Montesanto station and get off at Morghen (last stop). Exit the station, turn right and immediately right again, follow this avenue to the end. Then turn right until you reach Saint Martin square, where the st Elmo castle and the Charterhouse of St Martin are located. Total distance from Morghen station to the square is about 500 meters.

    Vomero hill in Naples and the Villa Floridiana

    Floridiana villa park and the "Duca of Martina" National Ceramic Museum

    Villa Floridiana, with its huge park, it was one of the Bourbon residences located on the Vomero hill. King Ferdinand I of the 2 Sicilies, in 1815 bought the park to donate it to his second wife, Lucia Migliaccio, Duchess of Floridia.
    From here you can enjoy an incredible view over the city of Naples and the gulf. The complex includes 2 villas: Floridiana and Lucia, various paths, groves and a wonderful terrace overlooking the city and the gul of Naples.
    Inside the park it is possible to visit the National Museum of Ceramics Duca di Martina.

      How to reach the Villa Floridiana


      By Car
      Open Google Maps to reach the Villa Floridiana and park on the blue stripes located on the street. Don't forget the parking ticket.

      By metro line 1
      Take the metro line 1 and get off at Piazza Vanvitelli.
      Leaving the station to reach the park entrance you have to walk 400 meters.
      Take via Bernini.
      At the end of Via Bernini turn right and after 200 meters you will find the entrance on the left.

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