The volcano Vesuvius seen from the Egg Castel.
Plebiscito square: Basilic of St. Francis of Paola
The new Caslte
Archaeological excavation of Cumae
The Flavian amphitheater in Pozzuoli
The aragonese Castle of Baia and archaeological Museum of the Phlegrean Fields
Craftsmanship in Naples: the Nativity scene
San Gregorio Armeno street and his artisan workshops where you can find all kinds of cribs (nativity scene). Open all year round.
Craftsmanship in Naples: the Nativity scene
San Gregorio Armeno street and his artisan workshops where you can find all kinds of cribs (nativity scene). Open all year round.
Nice souvenir in Naples
The local food

What to do in Naples and its surroundings?

What are the things to do in Caserta, italy?
What are the best attractions in metropolitan city of naples?

Whoever chooses Naples and to its beautiful surroundings needs these answers.
Antonio Barattiero  graphic designer and web designerMy name is Antonio Barattiero and I love my land so much that I decided to create Naples and its surroundings website so that, the city of Naples and its surroundings will be able to become more and more popular all over the world.

I will never get tired of showing this wonderful lands to my friends and parents. Every time I retrace a fantastic tour into the art, myth, history and culture. Whenever I have exactly the same emotions about the first time.

It's impossible to describe the love I feel for these fantastic places. My goal is to make the visitors feel the same emotions.

There is so much work in this project and you will not find all that there is to visit in this region, surely. But bit by bit, every time I revisit a place, I will take new photos and create new pages of the site, in order to continue sharing with you the beauty of these lands.

The history of urban flair of Naples, also called city of Parthenope, has begun more than 3000 years ago: in the 900 A.D. Then there were the invasions of the foreign peoples. They invaded, reigned and ruled these lands.

Naples and its surroundings:  among the many beauties of these lands you can visit:
Caserta with his huge royal palace: the Bourbon residence.
The charming and beautiful landscapes of Phlegraean fields and Amalfi Coast.
Capri, Ischia and Procida Islands very famous all over the world. 
During the roman empire era this whole region was very popular holiday destination for the nobility and the gentry of that time.

We would imagine how men lived in the ancient world, discovering the charm of the archaeological sites, the ruins of natural spa, the ancient castles Naples underground, churches and museum, where we can admire the exposition archaeological finds brought to light in the archaeological sites of PompeiiHerculaneum, Cumas, Baia etc. which witness the passage of ancient peoples that has now disappeared.

We will discover together these wonderful and breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape and sea.cucina napoli

I will tell you what you can taste local sweet and salt delicacies: the pastiera napoletana, the babà, the sfogliatella riccia, the sfogliatella frolla, the casatiello of Napoli, the tortano di Caserta, the tarallo napoletano and much...much more.

In the download section you can find some PDF files. They are guides and travel tips. You can print them or you can download the digital version with hyperlinks to photos, videos and virtual tours.

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The Web Master

I have always worked in the IT sector: Computer repair technician and web designer.
In the last few years, my professional interest is changed. Now I work in the tourism sector: Hotel Front Office.

I decided to offer a free service by making my computer skills available to create a simple and intuitive site that describes in detail the beauty and history of these lands.

The perfect travel trips to help the turists to have an unforgettable vacation.
Il Maschio Angioino
La Reggia di Caserta
Il lago d'Averno
Il sito archeologico di Ercolano

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