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Things to do in Naples (italy), many photos and travel tips.

Things to do in Naples (italy), the Egg Castle

visiting naples

Things to do in Naples (Italy), this is always what the tourists whant to know before chosing a vacation and below I did a small list of places and to visit. One of these is, without a doubt, the Egg Castle, the oldest fortress in the city. Since the Greeks, in the ninth century BC (BCE), made a first settlement on the islet of Megaride, the place where the castle is located, now a bridge connects it to the mainland.

Visiting Naples-Italy, the magnificent New Castle

visiting naples

In Naples (Italy), it is possible to visit the New Castle, also called Maschio Angioino, located in Plebiscite Square. It was wished by the King of Sicily Charles of Anjou, son of the King of France Louis VIII, in the second half of 1200, because with the conquest of the Kingdom of Sicily he decided to move the capital from Palermo to Naples and so he needed a new castle near the sea.

Things to do in Naples (italy) and the st. Elmo Castle

things to do in naples

Among the things to do in Naples (Italy) is to visit the saint Elmo Castle, the medieval fortress located on the Vomero hill. We do not know the date of construction, but the first historical signs date back to 1275 AD(CE), when the Normans built the Belforte tower on an old church of the 10th century.

Visiting Naples and the magnificent Royal Palace

cosa visitare napoli palazzo reale napoli

In Naples (Italy) another wonderful place to visit is the Royal Palace of Naples, located in Plebiscite Square, is one of the Royal Buildings of the Neapolitan city.
During the Aragonese domination, the Spanish Viceroy Fernando Ruiz de Castro, in 1600 AD(CE), wanted a new palace in honor of Philip III of Habsburg, King of Spain and King of Naples.
In 1734 the Kingdom of Naples was conquered by Charles of Bourbon and as the new king of the realm he decided to restore and enlarge the Royal Palace.

Naples (italy), the city of the Parthenope

Naples (italy), the city of the Parthenope, useful tips with lots of video and photos of castles, royal palaces, building, views and much more.

visiting naples

The viewpoint of st. Anthony in Posillipo

The city of Naples.

Things to do in Naples (italy) in a journey with photos and videos will allow anyone to discover which are the places that you cannot miss.

Naples is the capital of the Campania region and it is a city in southern Italy overlooking the the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida, in the Neapolitan gulf.

Visiting Naples, in addition to admiring the architectural beauties, is get to know the culture inherited from foreign peoples who invaded, conquered and reigned over this city for several millennia.

    naples italy

    Monumental complex of st Clare and church of Gesù nuovo

    Visiting Naples, the capital of the Campania region.

    The city of Naples is overflowing with fascinating places to explore.
    The peoples who dominated and reigned the Neapolitan city left many traces of their passage: Castles, royal palaces, archaeological sites, churches, basilicas and much more. These are magical places that give us the opportunity to imagine how the Neapolitans of the past lived under dominations of the Greeks, the Romans, the Angevins, the Aragonese, the Bourbons and many other peoples who conquered these lands.

    The Neapolitan food

    Neapolitan food

    The city of Naples is also very famous for its local food. Knowing the typical Neapolitan products and what to eat during your holidays will give you the opportunity to know in advance what to taste among the Neapolitan delicacies: pizza, casatiello, Neapolitan tarallo, mozzarella, limoncello, Babà, Neapolitan Pastiera, the sfogliatella, the struffoli, and as we call it in Naples "o' Cafè" (coffee). In fact here it is a tradition to drink this beverage. There is the habit of always offering coffee to the brother, to the friend and often also to the stranger. This custom will be never interrupted even in serious economic difficulties. And a real Neapolitan knows this, who sometimes even leaves the coffee suspended, that is, he pays coffee to the next bar customer.
    A simple coffee can bring a little joy to those who cannot afford it at that moment.

    Which district of Naples do you want to visit today? 

    As below you will find some images and, with a simple click or touch, you can reach a web page that, in addition to being full of photos and tips, will show you the beauty of that specific neighborhood. By doing so, when you organize a trip to Naples, you will not move continuously from one part of the city to the other.

    Historic Center of city of Naples

    historical center naples

    Surroundings of Piazza Plebiscito

    piazza plebiscito surroundings

    The Vomero hill of city of Naples

    vomero hill naples

    Sanità and Capodimonte district

    sanita capodimonte

    The Posillipo hill of city of Naples

    posillipo hill naples

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